Knoa for Screen Personas

Supercharge your UX renewal projects with Knoa’s user analytics

Whether you’re using Screen Personas to improve the usability of SAP GUI transactions, reduce training, or streamline complex workflows, Knoa’s user analytics can help you determine which SAP transactions would benefit from personalization and a renewed UX experience. Where are your users struggling the most? What are the bottlenecks in your current processes? How must you change your workflows to improve user productivity? Most importantly, how do you measure and confirm the expected benefits?

You can answer these questions, and more, with UEM by Knoa.

  • Get unique visibility into user activity, error conditions, and process inefficiencies across your entire SAP landscape, irrespective of line of business.
  • Once you have implemented Screen Personas, you can also use Knoa to ensure proper adoption and achieve quick time to value.

Actionable end user data is the key to planning and executing a successful UX or migration project. After all, you can’t improve the user experience if you can’t measure it. SAP provides the technology; Knoa provides the intelligence for using it to its full potential.

User Experience Management (UEM) by Knoa

UEM by Knoa delivers powerful user analytics that show you exactly how your users are interacting with their desktop and mobile applications, and helps you design software solutions that fit their needs.

Knoa UX Partners

UEM by Knoa is an industry standard for measuring user experience and adoption. Some of the partners leveraging Knoa in their SAP UX projects include: