SAP S/4HANA Migration

According to LNS Research, taking user experience and analytics into account before, during and after deployment is critical to technology adoption.

The move to S/4HANA offers many benefits, but there are challenges along the way. It’s imperative to plan carefully and measure your progress for continuous improvement. Unique user analytics from Knoa Software help you build the business case for migration to S/4HANA, manage the many details of your project, and maximize your technology investments.

Knoa helps you answer these simple, but critical, questions:

  • Where should I start?
  • Which initiatives will help my business the most?
  • How do I increase user adoption?

With Knoa, you can prove ROI on a small scale before embarking on a full-blown implementation. Knoa enables you to identify business-critical issues that should be addressed as you migrate to S/4HANA. It gives you the opportunity to make needed adjustments to outdated, inefficient and complex processes before simply moving them onto a new S/4HANA platform.

A GPS for your S/4HANA Migration Journey

Knoa provides you guidance every at step of your S/4HANA migration journey:

  1. Plan (identify issues and pain points, map out critical processes)
  2. Design/build (identify user personas for new applications and streamline your existing processes)
  3. Deploy and support (identify adoption gaps and proactively address issues during rollout)

Knoa UEM is the first and only software solution to bring full visibility into user behaviors, and provides insightful user analytics which are critical to your S/4HANA project success.

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