Business Value

"By 2016 80% of CIOs will deliver a new architectural framework that enables innovation and improved business decision-making."

User Experience Management (UEM) can provide the visibility to drive adoption and optimize your workforce. UEM offers insight on how employees interact with their enterprise software applications, helps measure impact on day-to-day operations and ultimately, increases adoption to realize efficiencies and save money.

Knoa UEM enables organizations to attain full realization of their business plan for which they initially purchased the enterprise software. Full value realization can only be achieved when end users:

  • Have adopted the enterprise software for all business processes associated within their role
  • Are fully efficient in process execution
  • Execute the process in a compliant manner

Knoa UEM provides comprehensive dashboards and reports that provide objective KPIs in all of these areas:

  • Ensure that all deployed functionality is being adopted
  • Ensure adherence to defined business processes across all business units and locations
  • Identify variations through comparative analysis including peer vs. peer reporting and by geographical locations
  • Ensure that standard transactions are re-purposed across all business units and geographical locations
  • Identify utilization of non-standard and non-compliant transactions