Knoa UEM for Oracle

Gain actionable intelligence from your Oracle Siebel enterprise software.

Maximize Your Oracle Siebel Investment

Knoa UEM for Oracle Siebel provides you with a unique view of how your sales, customer service and employees in the field interact with Siebel applications right from the desktop perspective. With Knoa UEM you can monitor and measure end-user adoption, execution of business critical processes and call flows, as well as identify user or system generated errors and performance issues. You can leverage this insight to streamline your call center and field operations improve end-user performance and customer satisfaction, reduce operating expenses, institute more effective onboarding and training programs and ultimately realize the full value of your Siebel investment.

End User Experience Metrics for Siebel CRM

Knoa UEM for Oracle Siebel delivers end user experience metrics on application errors, user operations and navigation response times, and detailed screen-level application usage. Every screen and every button throughout the CSRs’ journey is tracked to provide a true view their experience. This powerful data, analytics and reporting framework enables you to optimize mission critical processes, enhance employee and customer engagement and identify areas for improvement of your CRM system.

Support Applications for Siebel CRM

Knoa UEM is a front end monitoring technology that is able to provide visibility into most Siebel modules including sales, marketing, service and call center. Knoa UEM for Oracle provides out-of-the-box monitoring support for Siebel Web Client 8.x (with High Interactivity) as well as Siebel Open UI Client 8.x.

Actionable Analytics Platform

The Knoa UEM reporting console presents data in dozens of out-of-the-box actionable dashboards and interactive reports. A robust alerting module can be configured for proactive remediation of issues and reporting API’s enable you to further extend and integrate Knoa with other Oracle and BI solutions. Knoa executive dashboards provide a boardroom level view into the performance and adoption of your enterprise investment.