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SAP UX and the Importance of User Experience

By Knoa Apr 21, 2017

SAP Fiori SAP UEMUser AnalyticsSAP Screen Personas

Guest post by Sameer Padhye - Sr. Director, Corporate Business Development at SAP SE - Enterprises relying on SAP are always finding ways to enhance user adoption and improve the overall software experience. Whether it be on a new deployment or an upgrade/migration, improving processes, gaining efficiencies and increasing customer satisfaction are all key performance indicators that that will be closely monitored, post-launch. Last week, the SAP UX and Cloud Platform road tour took place in Singapore and Sydney provided a series of workshops on user experience (UX), specifically around SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas.

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How to Ensure Success of Your SAP SuccessFactors Implementation

By Knoa Apr 19, 2017

SAP SuccessFactorsUEMUser AnalyticsUser Experience Management

Guest post by Jesse Bernal, Sr Business Development Specialist at SAP - In launching a SAP SuccessFactors Solutions implementation or migration, organizations need a way to improve user experience and adoption, along with a reliable way to reduce risk.

So how do you decide what actually matters the most during an implementation or migration to ensure success? In this article, Jesse Bernal from SAP discusses how organizations can help overcome technology pain points such as change management, workforce training, and business process optimization.

Source: https://blogs.sap.com/2017/04/18/how-to-ensure-success-of-your-sap-successfactors-implementation/

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​Service Desk Efficiency Using SAP UEM by KNOA

By Knoa Sep 08, 2016

UEMHelp Desk

In this article, SAP business process consultant Dmitriy Utenkov discusses how Knoa UEM and Solution Manager complement each other and improve the responsiveness of the Service Desk. SAP UEM allows the Service Desk Agent to identify user activity immediately prior to the occurrence of an error. This very valuable diagnostic information significantly reduces the time to resolve user errors and improves the efficiency of the Service Desk.

Source: https://blogs.sap.com/2016/09/08/service-desk-effi...

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Introducing the Visual Analytics Kit

By Knoa Mar 25, 2016

FioriUser AnalyticsSelf-Service BITableau

Self-service business intelligence tools (such as SAP Lumira or Tableau) enable end users to make decisions based on their own exploration, querying and visualization of data, without having to rely on a separate BI or IT team. The Visual Analytics Kit goes one step further and makes it easy for non-technical users to create custom visualizations for the Knoa data by leveraging a set of sample, pre-built visualizations. The visualizations included with the Kit are designed to be used for a specific business scenario: managing a Fiori migration project.

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Measuring the True Cost of those Pesky Error Messages [Infographic]

By Knoa Mar 07, 2016

You’ve probably run into pesky error messages or system generated prompts a few times (at least) in your workday. They pop up when you’re mid transaction or when you’re trying to complete a task. Sometimes you just close them out and continue on your way, other times they stop you dead in your tracks and make it impossible for you to continue what you were just doing.

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A Great Success - Q3 uKnoa User Group Meeting

By Knoa Oct 02, 2015


Another successful uKnoa User Group Meeting concludes! Thursday, September 24, 2015 marked the fourth uKnoa User Group and Community meeting since the group’s inception in December of 2014.

As the community grows and diversifies the meetings have also evolved. We've had meetings onsite at customer offices (Disney and Johns Manville), at Tommy Bahamas restaurant just prior to the SAPPHIRE and ASUG Annual Conference and most recently at the SAP Headquarters in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.

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Prioritize (and Optimize) Fiori Projects with User Analytics

By Knoa Aug 31, 2015

SAP Fiori

With the buzz about User Experience growing in the market, SAP responded with its new UX offering, SAP Fiori. This game changing application holds the promise of simplifying your business workflows with streamlined screens and interactions, delivering a better experience to your users with a consumer-grade UI. So you’ve heard the benefits of Fiori and you’re warming up to the idea of moving in that direction, but how? Where do you start? It all depends on how you answer the following questions.

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User Experience Monitoring – Monitoring Taken to the Business Level

By Knoa Jun 17, 2015

UEMUser Experience Management

Not all User Experience Management (UEM) tools are created equal. Most require you to know what you’re looking for in advance. For example, when the tool relies on JavaScript injection, the code snippets must be placed into the apps that the enterprise can access. This is a tricky option for apps that are delivered in the cloud or are hosted by third parties where the organization does not have app control.

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User Groups, Roundtables, and Dinners Galore!

By Knoa May 15, 2015


Back to reality in the NYC office and reflecting on an amazing, action-packed, somewhat exhausting but very successful week at SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. The week was a whirlwind of activity, knowledge transfer, education and relationship building.

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AU SAP Breakfast Roadshow - Breakfast with Champions

By Knoa Apr 07, 2015


At the tail end of March 2015, SAP Education Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) completed a series of breakfast events. I presented alongside Anette Karlsson and Mathew Sleaford. It was great to see so many familiar faces in the audience as well as have the chance to meet new ones. Many different types of people attended each of the events, from directors to analysts and students to project managers from a variety of verticals. It was the largest attendance of SAP Education events to date and the questions and participation was excellent.

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