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SAP UX and the Importance of User Experience

By Knoa Apr 21, 2017

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Guest post by Sameer Padhye - Sr. Director, Corporate Business Development at SAP SE - Enterprises relying on SAP are always finding ways to enhance user adoption and improve the overall software experience. Whether it be on a new deployment or an upgrade/migration, improving processes, gaining efficiencies and increasing customer satisfaction are all key performance indicators that that will be closely monitored, post-launch. Last week, the SAP UX and Cloud Platform road tour took place in Singapore and Sydney provided a series of workshops on user experience (UX), specifically around SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas.

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Prioritize (and Optimize) Fiori Projects with User Analytics

By Knoa Aug 31, 2015

SAP Fiori

With the buzz about User Experience growing in the market, SAP responded with its new UX offering, SAP Fiori. This game changing application holds the promise of simplifying your business workflows with streamlined screens and interactions, delivering a better experience to your users with a consumer-grade UI. So you’ve heard the benefits of Fiori and you’re warming up to the idea of moving in that direction, but how? Where do you start? It all depends on how you answer the following questions.

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