Measuring the True Cost of those Pesky Error Messages [Infographic]

By Janine Caldarella posted on Mar 07, 2016

You’ve probably run into pesky error messages or system generated prompts a few times (at least) in your workday. They pop up when you’re mid transaction or when you’re trying to complete a task. Sometimes you just close them out and continue on your way, other times they stop you dead in your tracks and make it impossible for you to continue what you were just doing.

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A Great Success - Q3 uKnoa User Group Meeting

By Janine Caldarella posted on Oct 02, 2015


Another successful uKnoa User Group Meeting concludes! Thursday, September 24, 2015 marked the fourth uKnoa User Group and Community meeting since the group’s inception in December of 2014.

As the community grows and diversifies the meetings have also evolved. We've had meetings onsite at customer offices (Disney and Johns Manville), at Tommy Bahamas restaurant just prior to the SAPPHIRE and ASUG Annual Conference and most recently at the SAP Headquarters in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.

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