Don't Let Millennials 'Unfriend' Corporate Software

By Knoa posted on Mar 28, 2018

Employee ExperienceEmployee EngagementCompany Culture

Neglecting the concerns of millennials — a growing segment of the workforce — around the technology they use at work can result in low morale, low retention and productivity problems. So how can organizations satisfy the largest workforce in the market without breaking the bank?


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New Version of Visual Analytics Kit

By Bogdan Nica posted on Jan 25, 2018

Visual AnalyticsTableau

Two years ago, Knoa released the first version of the Visual Analytics Kit, geared towards business analysts looking for more flexibility in querying and analyzing the Knoa data for specific projects. In its first iteration, the Kit included dashboards targeted to several analysis scenarios relevant for migration and UX design projects, such as when moving from SAP legacy applications to new SAP Fiori or SAPUI5-based applications. Since then, based on customer feedback, we have extended the set of visualizations, to address more analysis scenarios across a wider range of use cases, including UX design, migration or change management, application support, user support, and training.

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How Did a Phoenix Power Utility Boost User Experience and Adoption of its Enterprise Applications?

By Knoa posted on Jan 09, 2018

User Experience ManagementUser experienceUEM

Gain insight into how Salt River Project improved user experience company-wide by gaining insight into how employees interacted with its SAP software. Learn how SAP UEM by Knoa gave full visibility into employee engagement with enterprise applications to speed issue resolution and improve the user experience.


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