​Service Desk Efficiency Using SAP UEM by KNOA

By Knoa posted on Sep 08, 2016

UEMHelp Desk

In this article, SAP business process consultant Dmitriy Utenkov discusses how Knoa UEM and Solution Manager complement each other and improve the responsiveness of the Service Desk. SAP UEM allows the Service Desk Agent to identify user activity immediately prior to the occurrence of an error. This very valuable diagnostic information significantly reduces the time to resolve user errors and improves the efficiency of the Service Desk.


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Introducing the Visual Analytics Kit

By Bogdan Nica posted on Mar 25, 2016

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Self-service business intelligence tools (such as SAP Lumira or Tableau) enable end users to make decisions based on their own exploration, querying and visualization of data, without having to rely on a separate BI or IT team. The Visual Analytics Kit goes one step further and makes it easy for non-technical users to create custom visualizations for the Knoa data by leveraging a set of sample, pre-built visualizations. The visualizations included with the Kit are designed to be used for a specific business scenario: managing a Fiori migration project.

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Measuring the True Cost of those Pesky Error Messages [Infographic]

By Janine Caldarella posted on Mar 07, 2016

You’ve probably run into pesky error messages or system generated prompts a few times (at least) in your workday. They pop up when you’re mid transaction or when you’re trying to complete a task. Sometimes you just close them out and continue on your way, other times they stop you dead in your tracks and make it impossible for you to continue what you were just doing.

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