Ensuring a Positive Employee Experience

By Knoa posted on Jan 03, 2018

Employee ExperienceEmployee EngagementCompany CultureTechnology

The employee experience encompasses everything that happens at work -- from company culture to the physical environment to the technology everyone uses. As competition continues to heat up to hire skilled talent, businesses are being challenged to step up their employee experience game.


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Your APM Technology Isn't Monitoring Your Most Valuable Resource: Your Users

By Knoa posted on Nov 06, 2017

User experienceUserUser AnalyticsUser Experience Management

Many businesses rely on application performance management (APM) tools to monitor and manage software application performance and availability -- and most of them are unaware of how much critical information they're missing out on. As powerful as APM tools are, they've always missed this very important piece of the puzzle: the experience of the user.


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Knoa CEO Explains What Makes a Good User Interface

By Knoa posted on Sep 01, 2017

UserUser interfaceUser experience

A good user interface can have a powerful impact on the usability and user experience of an application. In this article recently published in Forbes, our CEO Brian Berns, shares his insight on what makes an interface good, and some of the risks organizations may face when it settles for a bad interface. Ultimately a good interface is one that enables efficiency, increases productivity, supports end users and saves your organization money.


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