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What our Customers are Saying

With the insights provided by Knoa, we are now able to resolve each usability issue in the most appropriate ways – through increased training, business process modification, development of an SAP Fiori mobile application, or whatever else makes sense for that use case.

Gibbons Saint Paul
Salt River Project

Siemens needed the right tools to improve the process, performance, and quality of user support services. The success of the project is due to the involvement of a large number of users from all of the company's areas and work processes and unconditional support from the board of directors.

Mauro Wagner Batista
Knoa Project Manager

The Knoa solution gives us actual data to tell us where the problems are – it’s a visual representation of what people are actually experiencing. I love the Knoa solution because it helps me to do more with less, and my job is to help people do their jobs better without letting technology get in the way.

Julie Challinor
Dulux Group

The Value of User Experience Management

Improve Productivity

End-user issues slow productivity and create bottlenecks. Knoa UEM improves productivity by reducing end-user errors up to 50%.

Optimize Processes

Software usage and process inefficiencies cost businesses billions of dollars and hundreds of millions of lost hours. Knoa UEM helps reclaim lost hours by eliminating 90% of user issues.

Reduce Costs

Investing in Knoa UEM can result in up to 70% fewer support calls, reduced support response times, and training costs.

Solutions for S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA Migration

Migrate to S/4HANA with confidence by utilizing user analytics to identify project priorities, measure success/adoption and prove ROI.

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Knoa for Fiori

Get the analytical insights you need to develop an intuitive user experience and ensure success for your Fiori and SAPUI5 projects.

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Knoa for Screen Personas

Actionable end user data is the key to planning and executing a successful UX project. Knoa provides the intelligence for using Screen Personas to its fullest potential.

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Knoa for SuccessFactors

Ensure employee retention, improve user adoption, and maximize workforce efficiencies with comprehensive user metrics.

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Solutions for Your Business

Workforce Efficiency

Align enterprise software with key business activities. Identify and remove any impediments that can impact processes and workflow.

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Help Desk

Actionable intelligence provides the capability to significantly reduce the volume of support transactions and the mean time to resolution.

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Identify key functions, departments and user communities that can benefit from training based on business needs.

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IT Transformation

Optimize business-critical applications to support individual user and business outcomes. Provide broader insight into application effectiveness.

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Gain productivity benefits by closing application adoption gaps. Ensure that critical systems are in sync with ever-changing business demands.

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Business Value

Accelerate business operations, drive change and reduce technology risk. Pinpoint compliance and security vulnerabilities.

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Employee Experience

Knoa UEM enables you to monitor, measure, and quantify every employee interaction with enterprise software to ensure a positive employee experience.

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